Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We started to record the guitars for the first song on 27.2 and 28.2. Our schedule was to record rhythm tracks on the first day and solos and additional gtrs on the second day. And that's what we did. No problem. I chose one of the easiest songs, guitar wise, to do first..just to get the feeling and get into the studio mood. It doesn't make any sense to record most demanding gtrs in the beginning of the recording process. Most important thing in the studio is to have fun. Of course, the record needs to be done, but it doesn't have to be "pain in the ass" -process. I couldn't agree more what this plaque says:

As I mentioned earlier, we have enough cabinets, enough amps, enough everything to achieve a mammoth guitar sound. In total we have 48 amps! Enough? I don't think so because two more are coming :D hahaa, crazee!

Check this video clip to get an idea how loud it is in the studio room – and in this clip there's only few of the amps turned on.

We have around ten different cabinets with several different speakers (G12H, Vintage30 etc) – miked with 13 microphones - whatta lovely number, isn't it? I don't even know all those microphones we use, it is Mr.Wagener's territory. He will later probably write a line or two in here as well.

About the guitars, I've been mostly using my Gibson Les Paul for one track. And various selection for other tracks. Depends on the song, what we use. Lot of people, well, mostly young guitar players :) ask me what guitar they should buy as their first guitar. I guess there's not one right answer to that , but I can tell you that it doesn't have to be expensive. Price tag doesn't make the guitar sound good. I fell in love with one guitar here at the studio, Epiphone Junior. It costs something like 200$ and it sounds killer! I don't know how it would work on live situation, but here in the studio it really rocks! I've been using it almost in every song so far.

Another favourite of mine, well, let's say my passion, is Steinberg. Michael threw it to me and said: ”This one should work pretty well!”. I was like what is this, it looks funny” :) and he said: ”it's a guitar I've been using on every single record since 1988, many guitarists have played it”. I was like, ”that's cool! And so, what bands did use this one?” And he was: ”well, you know, Skid Row, White Lion, here we go 1-2-3-4!” And I saw the red ”recording” light in front me. I was stunned. Couldn't play a single note!! :D Hahaa, it was a bizarre moment. I salute those bands and guitarists and I salute that guitar! And how does it sound? If you open your window you´re probably gonna hear it.

That's all for now..
Oh, I almost forgot -
these two little pals are having fun in the studio as well – they're everywhere and it seems that they are enjoying the music and atmosphere :) I have to thank Zayka for this great little Amen doll, it is so cool! Thank you! -Amen

Friday, March 5, 2010

First of all, to have Michael Wagener as a producer is a dream come true. I have been here already for a couple of weeks, but it is still really surreal feeling every time I open the studio door or while I'm listening to his heavy metal war stories while having dinner! This is just one of those things I couldn't dream of. All the effort he is doing for us is just unbelievable. I mean, he has seen everything, gone through everything, worked with Gods of Heavy Metal but he is as excited and motivated to do this album as he´d be with anybody else. What can I say? He's the man. Respect.
Alright alright, so here I am with the other monsters, in country paradise, in music city, making Lordi's 5th studio album. Life and food is good. And to be honest, I think we are making the best Lordi album ever! Yea yea yea, I know it's a cliché but that's the way I feel right now. At least there are all the good signs, and evil signs, in the air for an excellent rock album. And, if we wouldn't feel it that this is the best Lordi album, then we shouldn't do it. Simple as that. No compromises.

Studio is awesome. It's a place where you can easily spend a month or two.. I took just one guitar with me, my baby, "Gibson Les Paul Standard". It's the same guitar you can hear on every Lordi album. Mr. Wagener has a "couple" of guitars in here, see pictures. I guess we'll find a right one for each track :)

Saturday 27th Feb was my first actual studio day. It was about time! You know, I've been mostly at our Nashville home, playing guitar and watching the olympic games..well, it ain't bad, not at all, but it feels good to finally turn up the amps to eleven and nail down the first riffs for the new album!

Speaking of the wasn't necessary to bring any amps or cabinets with me, or what do you think about these pictures.. ;)

We have the cabinet which Skid Row used on Slave To The Grind album, (I know Mr.Lordi already mentioned that but I have to underline it), and then we have the cabinet which Skid Row used on Slave To The Grind album, we also have the cabinet Skid Row...okay, got it? :) But how cool is this: we have the amp Jake E. Lee used during his Ozzy days! About amps, we have those, a looooooot... maybe I post an amp list later..Yes, Marshall is very well represented. Me like.
So far so good. More is yet to come, stay tuned and I'll try to stay in tune :)